Ignore the collection of gemstones. Although they are pretty. The ravens got.me a present! My very own random gross bone!!

Ravens and gratitude

We put food out for the birds, including cat food for the ravens since they go crazy for it (and  cat biscuits). They are clever creatures and fascinating to watch. 

                 They are also well mannered creatures. They appear from my observations, to have a keen sense of social justice and I am unsure as to what motivates them to do this, but in return for the food we give them they bring us gifts.

                As well as bones they also bring odd shaped twigs and nesting material, presumably to help us out with our nest! Its very sweet and exciting to look on the bird feeding area for new presents. But most of all it has taught me a lesson.

               These birds do not own houses, or cars, or have money in the bank. These birds do not have jewlery boxes, safety deposit boxes, or the ability to get a loan if things get tough. In human terms they have very little. So they bring us the things they value.



               The ravens and their gifts remind me of a Buddhist saying "if a child gives you a pebble treat it like a rare gem,for that pebble might be the only thing in the world that child has to give"


                Gratitude is so important to my happiness and my familys happiness! We all try to practice gratitude for what we have and if soneone gives myself or my child a gift we are are genuinely pleased and appreciative. Its not an act. 


             Without gatitude we spend all of our time looking for the next thing we must have. And that seeking teaches us nothing and simply accumulates objects.


            We are never happy with things as they are. And the reality is that things ARE the way they are, not everything can be changed, and nothing can be fixed with car number three when you already have two working cars.