Bliss for feet!

Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream

This product cost £18.21for a 500g pump dispenser bottle,from amazon. It comes in smaller size tubes if you are considering trying it and don't want to buy a massive tub straight away.

I have really bad thickened dry skin on my feet as a result of my psoriasis and it actually hurts to walk on it.

This cream is my new best friend. After just three days of use my previously dreadful looking feet now have only a few dry patches and I anticipate that continued use will get rid of that.

The cream is unscented and contains vitamin E and urea. Its actually brilliant for dry hands as well. Its so hyper moisturising. It leaves my previously dry and rough feet feeling silky soft. The discomfort and itchyness of the dry skin fades quickly after application.

I give this product a 9/10!

Its extremely effective. Pleasant to use. The only reason it didn't get a 10/10 is because it does leave your feet and legs slightly oily and it takes a while for it to soak in.


Ktc coconut oil

Coconut oil

I ran out of prescription cream one day and the itching was FIERCE. I had some coconut oil for removing eye makeup and decided to slather it all over the itchy bits.

instant win! And my psoriasis was much better the next I kept using it and now I have none on my body. 

It is pleasant and easy to use. Soaks in quickly. Reduces the redness and scales on the first use. And its cheap! About £5 a jar. And no nasty chemicals. It is the absolute best topical for controlling dry skin I have ever used.

Its can also be used in the following ways -

as a hair masque - this also treats dry scalps. Apply the oil all along the length of the hair and also scalp. Massage it into your scalp for a few minutes, which is instant relief, then wrap it and leave it for a while. Use your usual prescription or favoured shampoo to remove it. Condition. Dry. Done!

as lip salve - pop it in a small jar or pot and apply as needed. Cheap. Effective. No nasty chemicals

as a cuticle oil

general moisturising after handwashing

As a brilliantly effective eyemakeup and general makeup remover



Just because its so incredibly good at getting rid of psoriasis!

it rubs off of the soles of your feet though and doesn't work so well there. For that I use flexitol!